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Terms & Conditions

Site launch date 02/04/2020


These Terms and Conditions apply to www.dib-in.com, and relate to the goods sold, the online auction platform, and the Company’s relationships with users of the Website.

This website, its content and services are exclusively owned by THOMAS BOUNTOURIDIS LP. – DIB-IN, headquartered in Iraklia, Serres – Meg.Alexandrou Square 2, with VAT: 099211180.


Timer Countdown

is the duration of the timer that starts with the first bid and resets with each new bid for the same duration or shorter,  if the bid was made within that duration and before the timer reaches zero.

Object – Mobile – Product

is any item that can be won through auctions, except dibs.


is the online platform where the product is auctioned and all users can bet on.


is anyone who browses the web without registering and being considered a user.


It is the smallest bidding unit available to players and is available with packages of 9,99 €, 24,99 €, 49,98 € and 99,99 €.


It is the sum of the efforts given to each player per auction. If the player has exhausted all the attempts he can no longer participate in the auction. Each attempt removes from the user one or more dibs from their account.

Web page

is the present website and any other website that is solely owned by the company.


Central Clock

is the clock that always appears on the web page and indicates the actual time.

User Account

is in the general sense of the term, the details of the user who has registered, the profile, the code, the phone, the email address.

Winning Bid
is the value that the auctioned product reached with the last bid when the timer reaches zero. The value of the 2nd and 3rd products drops relatively to the value of the 1st product.

Winner Players
is the user who made the last bid and won the auction (1st winner), as well as the two players that bid right before him (2nd and 3rd winners ). 2nd and 3rd winners only exist when the auction has reached a certain number of players required to unlock 2nd and 3rd prizes.

are the products that are given at the end of the auction to the winners. 2nd and 3rd prizes only exist when the auction has reached a certain number of players required to unlock them. A player can only win one prize at each auction.

are the number of dibs that each player gets as a refund, after each auction, according to how many attempts he has used out of a total of 30.


  1. General conditions

1.1 Services Provided – Website Content

The company through this site provides:

  1. Website of Online Auctions,
  2. Website for sale of mobile objects, technology products, etc.

This website is designed to enable anyone who wishes to participate in online auctions.

1.2 Date of these terms and conditions (modification update)

The date of these terms and conditions will appear at the end of their last modification. In the event of any modification (as set forth below) the Company will inform users of the changes by any appropriate means and manner, both on the Website and here.

1.3 User relationships with the company

By registering on the site, you gain user status. All users of the Website must agree to these terms and conditions, having read and understood them fully, and which refer to the Company’s and the User’s internal relationships within the operation of this Website and the Company’s associated benefits and purposes.

These terms and conditions apply to all countries in which the Website operates. Subscribing to the Website and its use by the User is equivalent to the full acceptance of these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions constitute a valid contract between the Company and the User. By registering on the site, the user is assured that he / she has knowledge and understanding of the terms and conditions, that he / she agrees with them and accepts them unconditionally.

If the user violates any of the terms herein, the company reserves the right to prohibit access to and use of the company website. If a user is banned from accessing and using the site due to a breach of the terms and conditions, he / she loses the right to the company, from its purchased dibs, from products he/she has won in auctions and from products purchased from the site, and waives all his rights, in respect of the Company, of the latter.

These terms and conditions may only be accepted by persons who act individually and for their personal interest and who are consumers.

Anyone who has a more specific relationship with the company (such as employee, employee, administrative, etc.) or has a business interest in the company (such as suppliers, producers, affiliates, etc.) cannot make use of the rights granted herein terms at the expense of the company.

These terms and conditions apply to the relationships between the Company that manages this website and users of the site.

1.4 The use of the Website constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions

By registering and using the Website, the individual user is deemed to have fully accepted these terms and conditions, and the manner in which the Company operates and manages this website and its business activities at all times regarding the site object. The Company recognizes and applies only these terms and conditions.

The Company recommends and encourages users to visit and regularly read the terms and conditions of operation of the Website.

1.5 Modification of terms and conditions

The Company reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time and in its sole discretion, by announcing in a prominent place on the Website that the present Terms have been modified, and by posting the full final text of the new terms and conditions on the Website.

In this case, the validity and application of the new terms and conditions will be announced at a prominent point on the Website. The subsequent use of the Website by those who are already users constitutes an unconditional acceptance of the modifications and all new terms and conditions.

1.6 Legislative Framework

The Company manages the Website, which operates in various countries. Each country is governed by its own Law and Legislation. The Company has its registered office in Greece. These terms and conditions are governed by Greek Law and generally by the spirit of Greek Law.



1.7 Applicable law in the event of disputes

Any user of this site, and in the context of disputes and disputes that may arise from the operation of the site, agrees by subscribing to the site that the courts of Greece and in particular the courts of Serres shall be responsible for resolving the disputes and applicable is the Greek law.


  1. Website registration and restrictions

2.1 Entry requirements

In order to register as a user of the site you will need

  1. has reached the age of 18 and
  2. to have the legal capacity and to be in a state of mind as stipulated by law, to enter into contracts with the Company.

If a registration is made and the user at the time of registration did not fulfill the above conditions, then the registration will be considered invalid.

2.2 Restrictions – Prohibitions

It is forbidden to register as a user:

  1. anyone who has already registered for the site
  2. anyone who has been banned from accessing and using the site in connection with his or her prior registration
  3. anyone who has a particular relationship with the company or has interests in cooperating with it

If a registration is made and the user at the time of registration fulfills the above negative requirements, then the registration will be considered invalid.

2.3 Restrictions – Prohibitions on those who are more specific to the company

The Company believes and applies the principles of good faith and good morals and is committed to giving all users equal opportunities to participate in the online auction site. In this context, it is prohibited to register as a user, and the general use of the website by the persons listed and described below.

Those who have a more specific relationship with the company should and should use the website for proper management and fulfillment of its purpose.

In any case, it is prohibited to:

  1. Employee – Worker(all kinds),
  2. Manager, Administrator, Legal Representative and general manager or staff
  3. a first degree relative of the above employees – workers and executives of the company the use of the website, as if they were third parties – irrelevant to the company, users.

None of the persons mentioned and described above can accept these terms and conditions, and the protection afforded by them (terms and conditions) does not apply to those persons.

2.4 Unique Registration

Only one registration per user is allowed on the site. Multiple registrations for the same user are banned and more than one registrations will be deleted.

2.5 Username

When registering, a username is selected. The username should not be racist, derogatory, vulgar or in any case contrary to good manners and good faith, or offensive. The username must not be misleading, used to advise, refer / urge other users to actions or actions, and be advertising-friendly.

The Company reserves the right to replace the username, which violates the above terms, and in any event reserves this right, in its sole discretion, for the proper functioning of the site.

2.6 Username (Password)

When registering on the site, the user will select their user password. The above user code should be kept confidential, at the user’s responsibility, and not published and disclosed to third parties. The Company encourages users to create secure passwords. The company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the loss of the password or its use by a third party who is not the user of the site.

2.7 Sites / Operating Places of the Website

This site operates in the following countries, from which a user can be registered:

  1. Austria
  2. Belgium
  3. Bulgaria
  4. Croatia
  5. Cyprus
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Denmark
  8. Estonia
  9. Finland
  10. France
  11. Germany
  12. Greece
  13. Hungary
  14. Ireland
  15. Italy
  16. Latvia
  17. Lithuania
  18. Luxembourg
  19. Malta
  20. Netherlands
  21. Poland
  22. Portugal
  23. Romania
  24. Slovakia
  25. Slovenia
  26. Spain
  27. Sweden


2.8 Changing the username

The user is allowed to replace or change in any way the user name that he / she set when registering on the site.

2.9 Obligation to keep the user password

The user assumes full responsibility for the storage and safekeeping of the user password and assumes all responsibility for actions taken during the use of the site through his / her personal account, that is, using his / her username and password.


2.10 Obligation to notify in case of change of email address or mobile phone number.

The Company communicates with users through the email addresses or mobile phone numbers that they have registered when registering. Within this framework, the Company operates on a 96-hour communication system, within which it sends any information it wishes or whatever the user is asked to send. In any event that any message cannot be sent to the user, after repeated efforts by the Company within 96 hours, the user loses the product.

In this context, the user should in any case change the email address, for whatever reason, should inform the company, replacing the address with the one in force in his personal information. The Company is not liable for any acts or omissions in the event that the user fails to timely update the section of personal information regarding his new email address or mobile phone number.

2.11 Ban on transferring the user account

The user account is in any event prohibited from being transferred to a person other than the actual user who registered. The use of the account and the use of the website respectively will only be carried out by the user and not by a third party. If the Company discovers that the User Account is being used by various entities, it will proceed with the deletion of the Account, subject to those specified in the separate section below.

2.12 Obligation to comply with user confirmation (if requested)

The user recognizes that in the context of the proper functioning of the website, the Company may request through the site more information for its identification. In any event that the Company requests such confirmation of data, the user acknowledges that he must provide his information before he can proceed to normal use of the site.

If the user does not wish to proceed with the verification and identification of his information as requested by the company, he must notify the company in writing within 15 days of being asked for confirmation and identification information via support @ dib -in.com

In this case, the Company will proceed with the deletion of the user’s account after having previously canceled all pending actions regarding purchases from the online store and from items he/she won in auctions.

2.13 Deleting a User Account

If at any time the user wishes to cancel their account and delete it, they may contact the Company by email at support@dib-in.com and request a cancellation.

In this case, the Company receives the request, informs the user that once he deletes his account, all pending shipments and offers will be automatically canceled, without any right to the Company to refund purchases, to complete the shipment on behalf of the Company and generally for any other reason.


If the user responds positively to the last above message of the Company, the latter proceeds with the final deletion of the user’s account and cancellation of any pending cases.

2.14 Account Deletion Consequences

If the user wishes to delete his account and proceeds to such deletion, then he / she shall be deemed to wish to terminate any relationship with the Company and all actions and information associated with his / her account.

Therefore, before proceeding with deleting their account, the user must also bear in mind the following consequences:

Any purchases made or offers to buy as a result of an auction, but for which their price has not been paid, are canceled and the user waives any such rights as if they did not wish to purchase them.



  1. Company rights


3.1 User Account

3.1.1 The right to replace and change a username

The Company reserves the right to change the registration name of any of the users of the Website at any time, as long as this (name) violates the specific terms set forth in this article.

If the Company finds that the username has been purposely selected, in violation of Article 4.5 herein, then it reserves the right to withdraw the account of the respective user in its entirety.

3.1.2 Right to confirm and identify user data

The Company reserves the right to request confirmation and proceed to identify any user information, at any time and for any reason at its sole discretion.

The exercise of this right of the company leads the user account to a temporary suspension, and respectively all the activities of the user are suspended until the authentication process is completed.

Under this Company right, the latter reserves the right to ask any user to send a photocopy of a proof of identity (such as a police ID, passport, etc.), proof of his home address or any other document he deems necessary  to complete the authentication.


3.2 Account Suspension

3.2.1 Right to Suspend User Account

The Company reserves the right to suspend the account of any user at any time, in the event of any breach of the terms herein, including in any case where the user:

  1. Creates more than one account on the website
  2. He/she uses more accounts to participate in the auctions
  3. He/she allows third parties to use their account and bid on auctions
  4. Uses unlawful, unethical or unfair methods against other users to win at auctions.
  5. in any way refuses to accept and apply these terms and conditions


3.2.2 User Account Suspension Right – Data Identification

The provisions of this paragraph apply only in cases where the Company has requested the user to identify and confirm his / her information through the submission of relevant supporting documents, and if the user has not satisfied the request of the Company and has not sent the necessary information. documents within 15 days upon receipt of the Company’s request.

In this case, the Company reserves the right, indefinitely, to:

  1. cancel any user purchases of products,
  2. suspend or even temporarily delete the user’s account,
  3. prohibit the user from purchasing Dibs packages,
  4. prohibit the user from participating in any auctions in any way
  5. take any other action deemed appropriate in the opinion of the Company to the detriment of the user.


3.3 The right to refuse access to persons who are not the user of each account

The Company will communicate and discuss each user’s account only with the registered user whose name corresponds to the account.

The Company has already set a limit that each account will be assigned and handled by a specific user.

The Company will not communicate with or discuss any account with persons who are not the registered user and the account holder.

3.4 Right to investigate the possibility of collusion

The Company reserves the right to investigate any auction to find evidence of fraud or attempted collusion and fraud against the Company.


3.5 Right to re-launch an auction should collusion occur

The Company reserves the right to restart any auction provided evidence is found and the Company considers that there has been collusion.

3.6 Right to change the time of the auction

The Company reserves the right to change the hours during which the auctions are held, at any time. The above changes will always be accompanied by a briefing of users at a prominent point on the website, and in particular the details of each auction.

3.7 Right of cancellation of auction

The Company reserves the right to cancel any auction at any time, even before it commences.

The reasons that will lead the company to exercise this right relate to cases where:

  1. the auction has been marked with a technical problem
  2. the site has been attacked.

The Company is not obliged, in any case that auction has already been canceled, to return all the Dibs used.

In any event that the Company cancels an auction in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph, it may at its discretion:

  1. to return all or part of the Dibs used and spent during the auction
  2. to restart the auction

In any event that, in addition to the foregoing, the Company finds that there is evidence of collusion, then it retains all of its rights as set forth in the relevant article.

3.8 Right to modify the winnings threshold at Auctions

The Company reserves the right to modify each user’s win limit, in terms of its height, its relationship to the type of product and the period within which the limit is placed, freely at its discretion and at any time.

Any such modification will appear on the respective terms of those present, which will be modified equally and users will be informed through the modification of the terms and conditions through the website.

3.9 The right to retain the won auction product and not to sell it in case the payment is not made by the winning user

Notwithstanding the following, in cases where the winning user of an auction does not proceed to pay for the product won by an auction, if the user who has won an auction does not within the time limit purchase the product and pay of its value, then the Company reserves the right:

  1. to retain the product in its possession and to refuse any subsequent proposal by the winning user to purchase it
  2. not to return to the winning user the Dibs he used in conducting the auction through his bets.


3.10 Right to restart the auction in the event of an attack on the Website

The Company reserves the right to restart the auction should the website be attacked.

3.11 Right to refuse to respond to users in the event of objections to technical problems

The Company bears no responsibility whatsoever in the event of technical or electronic problems arising during the auction and with respect to any bids made.

The Company bears no responsibility, is not obliged to respond or in any way indemnify the user, who claims that due to technical problems that occurred during the auction, he failed to win it and that if these problems did not exist he would have won. Accordingly, the user in the above cases has absolutely no right to the detriment of the Company or the product of the auction.


3.12 Right to apply test changes to the way the website is operated and the services provided

The Company bears no responsibility for any breach of the terms set forth below and in any event that makes any changes to the Website.

Such changes are indicative and not restrictive:

  1. changes to the site registration process
  2. changes in the discounts provided
  3. other changes to the auction process

The above list is indicative of the changes that the Company may make to the Website, which will be made to improve the services provided and the user experience in general.

The Company is under no obligation to provide in-depth information on these changes, provided they are tested.

These changes and in general the effort to improve the site takes place on a daily basis. If the Company wishes to test some changes, it may apply them to a group of randomly selected non-users:

  1. for a predetermined period of time and
  2. with sufficient control and supervision to ensure that users other than the selected group are not disadvantaged.

The Company bears no responsibility and is not obliged to respond to users who are outside of the selected groups (described above) and who claim that the changes applied during the trial period have adverse effects on them.

3.13 No liability of the Company for the above rights

The Company bears no responsibility whatsoever for any damage that may be caused to users or third parties in the exercise of its rights as set forth above.

3.14 Right to amend the time limit for the validity of discounts and offers

The Company reserves the right to modify at any time freely the validity of its offers, informing users of such change, and always in accordance with its obligations below.

3.15 Rights under the Buyer Protection Process

3.15.1 Right to trigger a buyer protection process

The Company reserves the right to initiate the buyer protection process, in favor of any user, as set forth in the following section.

The Company is obliged to exercise its right described in this paragraph as a result of its obligation to conduct itself honestly, in accordance with paragraph 4.1 hereof.

3.15.2 Right to withhold a product purchased or won at auction under the buyer protection procedure

The Company reserves the right to temporarily freeze any purchase made by the online shopping store, or purchase made after winning the auction, provided the buyer protection process is activated, and provided the user refuses or does not send even the identification documents requested by the Company for a period of up to 30 days.

3.15.3 Right to cancel a purchase contract

The Company reserves the right to cancel any contract entered into between it and a user, once the buyer protection process has been activated, and the user in favor of whom it has been activated refuses to send any requested identification documents or documents send no identification


3.15.4 Right to receive and process data under the Buyer Protection Process

Under the Company’s rights and the buyer protection process, the Company may request users to provide documents proving their identity.

This right of the Company enables the latter to exercise control and supervision over the activities they receive on its website. In addition, this Company right is exercised under these terms and conditions and with the aim of assisting the competent authorities in the event of any offenses.

The Company receives the required documentation for identification and processes it in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

  1. Company obligations

4.1 Obligation to be honest

The Company operates the website, so that all users can participate in the auctions with equal opportunities. All Company advertisements for the Website and the auctions conducted shall not be intended to mislead the public and shall accurately describe the services provided by the Company and the Website.

Through the website, the Company aims to provide users with the best possible experience in browsing and participating in all services.

The Company’s obligation to act honestly is a broad concept. In some rare cases, it may appear that the company does not comply with this obligation, especially when making changes to the website that apply to a specific group of users. In such cases the Company, in accordance with the foregoing, does not in fact violate the obligation arising from this paragraph.


4.2 Obligation to ensure that the Company does not intervene in the auctions

The Company is obliged and assures users that no member, no employee, and no one who has an interest in cooperating with the Company, participates in the auctions, and does not affect its results in any way whatsoever.


4.3 Obligation to Monitor the Site and Investigate Collusion

The Company is required to monitor and effectively monitor the Website for its proper functioning, and in particular to investigate any collusion during auctions.



4.4 Obligation to inform users in case of auction re-launch

If the Company finds that the win in an auction has been the result of collusion or attack against the website, it is obliged to inform the users who participated and bet on the auction about the process of re-launching the auction and its new details.


4.5 Obligation to auction and deliver the products won by them

The auctions that the Company conducts through the website, are invitations to users to participate in them, and to win and obtain the product of each auction. When the auction ends, the user accepts the product and pays for it, and when the company accepts the purchase, the latter is obliged to deliver the product to the user who won the auction.



4.6 Obligation to sell the auctioned product to the winning user

The Company is obliged to accept the proposal of the winner of the auction to purchase the product he won, at the price he won. In any case, this obligation of the Company is subject to the obligation of the user to make reasonable payments for the product he has earned.

An exception to the present obligation of the Company is the finding that collusion occurred during the auction, or that the victory was the result of an attack on the website.

In such cases, the Company may refuse the Winning User’s proposal to purchase the product, without any further responsibility for the User’s compensation.


4.7 Obligation to complete the buyer protection process

The Company is obliged within 48 hours of activating the buyer protection process to complete and release the account of the user in favor of whom the process was initiated, provided the user follows the procedure indicated by the Company to complete it.



  1. User rights

5.1. User’s right to information if the Company considers that there is a conspiracy

The user is informed by the Company, in any case where the latter considers that there is conspiracy under an auction. The user reserves the right to request information from the Company about the reasons for receiving this notice. This notice may be challenged by the user as set out in a more specific paragraph below.


5.2 The User’s right to refuse to accept and accept these Terms and Conditions

At any time, even after the registration of a user on the site, and during, but before the user chooses to deactivate and delete his account, the user has the right to refuse to accept of these terms and conditions.

This desire and the corresponding right of the User may be stated when attempting to register on the Website, by choosing not to accept the terms and conditions, and provided that the User has already registered and used the Website and its Services, by a written statement (e-mail, etc.) to the company, in which the user will develop the desire and exercise his / her right.

In the context of good faith and good morals, the Company declares that it may not allow anyone to use the Website and its services, provided that these terms and conditions are not accepted, as there will be no security or rights. of the company, neither the individual user, nor the other users of the website.

In such cases, where the user asserts and exercises this right, the company, in the first case (refusal to accept), does not accept the request to register on the site and create an account, and in the second case (subsequent refusal), suspends the user’s account, and in accordance with those specified herein, proceeds with the deletion of the user’s account.


5.3 Right to return defective purchased by auction

The following describes the procedure and the right of the user who won an auction, purchased the product and the latter was defective in delivery.

The user should first contact the company through the special form on the website, or by email at support@dib-in.com before taking any action to return the product.

When returning the product you should send to the company:

  1. the whole product in the condition it just received it,
  2. the packaging in which the product was received
  3. any accompanying documents of the product received at delivery.


5.4 Right Dibs refund and the money used in an auction if it is canceled and restarted

Should the Company decide, for a significant reason (such as the case of attacking the website) to cancel a completed auction and proceed with its restart, the user reserves the right to refund the Dibs used in his stakes during the auction , and in the event that the winning user has already purchased the product he has won, he retains the right to refund.

5.5 Right to purchase a product won at auction at the closing price

The user has the right to request the purchase of the product he won from an auction of which he was the winning user. This right of the user is accompanied by the obligation of the Company to accept the proposal of the winning user to purchase the product.

This right of the user and the consequent obligation of the Company, relate to the purchase and acceptance of the purchase at the closing price of the product resulting from the auction.


5.6 The right to release the user account and complete the buyer protection process

Notwithstanding the obligation of the Company as set forth in paragraph 4.7 herein, the user reserves the right to require the Company to release its account and to remove any withholding of products it has purchased after winning the auction within 48 hours. , having provided the Company with the required documentary evidence requested under the Buyer Protection Procedure and having been identified.


  1. Obligations of users

6.1 Obligation of good faith

The company operates and manages the website and conducts auctions, with the aim and purpose of allowing all users to participate freely if they wish, with equal opportunities.

Users must act decently and in good faith and with good morals when using the site and participating in the auctions. The Company provides its services to its users through the Website, though as long as it maintains them, that they abide by these terms and conditions and that they act fairly and honestly. The Company reserves the right to suspend the account of any user who violates any of the foregoing.

6.2 Obligation to purchase the product won at auction by the winning user

In the context of good faith, the user who has won an auction must purchase the product he has won and pay his price within the time limits specified herein.

If the user, despite his / her above obligation, does not proceed with the purchase of the product, the provisions of the special chapter of those present regarding this case shall apply.





6.3 Obligation to communicate with the Company when requested

In some cases the Company may need to contact the user. The Company will express this wish to the user by sending a message to the user’s email address or SMS.


In this case, when the Company requests the communication with the user, the latter shall reply to the Company and provide the information requested. The user must send his response to the company, in one of the same ways, within 15 days of the company sending the request for communication. If the user does not respond to the Company within that period, the Company reserves the right to suspend the User Account at its sole discretion.


6.4 Obligation to check the consignments won in the auction when they are delivered to the user

Upon receipt of auctioned and purchased product, the user must inspect the packaging and the product for any damage, damage and defects.

If the user, upon receipt of the product, finds that the packaging and / or the product are severely damaged, he or she should refuse to accept the product, and should explain to the official delivering it the reasons for refusing to accept it. Relying on these terms and conditions, as set out in the following paragraph.


6.5 Licensing of users to use auction data and information for advertising and promotional purposes

The Company maintains sections on the website that describe the auctions that have been made and the products that have been won. In some cases, the same sections post photos of users who won the auctions, along with the products, after receiving them.

The Company declares that the user is under no obligation to participate in these promotions and to send personal photos of the won and purchased product through the auction.

However, the Company will contact users who have won auctions and purchased and received the auction product, requesting information, information and audiovisual material to be used and published in sections of the Website and elsewhere as the Company may deem appropriate. form of promotion and advertising of the services of the Company and this website.

The users of this website, under this term, authorize the Company to contact them and request such information.

In any case where the user accepts the company proposal and sends information, data and audiovisual material for the Company’s promotional purposes, it gives the user the right to use the material freely posted and for as long as he or she wishes, at all times. for the purposes of advertising arising from this article.

In any such case, the user does not retain any right to indemnification, payment, notice or information for future use of the materials and materials sent to the Company.


7.1 Products

All products sold and auctioned on the site are:

  1. New
  2. Unused
  3. With manufacturer warranty

Please note that the products are not intended for:

  1. transpiration
  2. commercial use

7.2 Product Description

The description of the products provided by the Company through the Website does not always constitute a valid, correct and exclusive description of the product details and properties.

Although in most cases the description of the products given by the Company corresponds to the actual and the properties of the product accurately, the user is required to seek further information about the products from their respective manufacturer before proceeding to participate in auctions

7.3 Product Display

The photos of the products on the website are for illustrative purposes only. For the most part, product photos are from other sources of photography from across the web and are not actual photos of the product. Consequently users agree with those present that the product they will buy or win at auction may be different to the one displayed on the website.

7.4 Limitations of Liability

In the context of good faith and trading ethics, the COMPANY is not obliged to accept an order and to enter into a sale of products which, due to typographical or computer error, appear on the Website at a false price, ie less than or greater than that applicable for that period. . If such order price error is found in only part of the ordered products, then the order is valid and executed normally for the other products and is considered incomplete for the products where the error was found, unless the items in the order is relevant, are intended to be used as a whole and act as a unit with each other and the Client declares that partial fulfillment of the order does not serve their needs or interests, so the COMPANY must cancel the entire order.

In the event of incorrect delivery of non-ordered products or services, their unconditional receipt or failure to inform the COMPANY and the return of the products may not be considered as a consent, acceptance or statement of intent to purchase them. In the event that a refund is requested by the COMPANY and the Customer delays the return of such products for more than seven (7) calendar days then this refusal constitutes a statement of intent to purchase the items and the order is deemed to have been confirmed and the Customer must to pay their value.

7.5 Product availability

The company is not required to hold stock for all products auctioned. Especially in cases where the final winner has the ability to select features (color, size, etc.) the delivery and therefore delivery times to the customer can be quite long. However, this does not change the Company’s obligation to deliver the products to the final winner. The user understands and agrees that the Company is making every effort to reduce delivery times.

7.6 Order Delivery – Place of Delivery

If the product is shipped to the Customer’s chosen location, the product is delivered to an external partner (ACS for domestic shipments – DHL for overseas shipments) – carrier and the Customer is informed electronically that the product is ready for shipment. Shipping costs are borne by the Company unless the customer charges. In such cases the customer will be aware of the charge in advance and will be notified of the cost by any appropriate means. Incorrect registration by the Client and therefore incorrect calculation of shipping costs is not the responsibility of the COMPANY but the Client. It is noted that the Customer may choose the shipment at his / her own expense, however, in this case the products are shipped at his / her own risk. Upon receipt of the order, the Customer will show to the external carrier the order confirmation (order code) and the shipment notice, as well as an official identification document (such as a police ID card or passport). If the Customer wishes to authorize a third party to receive his order, then the third authorized person must show specific authorization to receive the particular order legally considered by KEP or a police or other authority as well as an official document necessary for its control. (police ID, passport etc). Since the risk is passed to the Customer upon receipt of the goods, the latter must verify at the time of receipt of the products he receives, as his signature upon receipt confirms that he received the goods of his order correctly. If the Customer does not receive the product after receiving the shipment notice and despite the notice from the carrier, the COMPANY reserves the right to withdraw from the sale.




7.7 Shipping costs

The COMPANY works with some of the largest courier companies worldwide to ensure that your product is shipped properly. All DIB-IN products are from reputable and reputable suppliers.

Shipping costs are as follows:

The COMPANY does not charge shipping costs for the won auction products. The COMPANY is not responsible for any additional charges, such as duties, customs duties or other taxes imposed by local authorities.

We make every effort to ensure timely shipment of all products.

7.8 Delivery Time

The delivery time of the products and services sold is determined by special agreement of the parties, confirmed in writing, by electronic mail.

7.9 Force majeure

The COMPANY shall not be liable for delays in the execution of the order (including delivery) due to cases that cannot be attributed to the COMPANY or due to force majeure and as such the COMPANY shall be entitled to an extension of time for execution. Examples may be strikes, terrorist acts, war, supplier / transport / production problems, exchange rate fluctuations, government or legislative acts and natural disasters. If such incidents last more than two (2) months, the contract of sale may be terminated by any party without compensation. If the Customer considers that he no longer has an interest in executing the order, he is entitled to terminate the sales contract and the COMPANY shall be obliged to return the price and any other sums paid under the sales contract.

7.10 Payment

The payment methods are:

o Cash On Delivery / Cash *

o Credit / debit payment through the Stripe platform (VISA, MASTERCARD)

o Bank Transfer / Remittance *

o Paypal

Any delivered products remain in the ownership of the COMPANY until the final, full and complete payment of the price thereon.

* Asterisk payment methods are not available for purchase of Dibs Packages.


7.11 Cash on delivery charge

There is no charge for shipping products by cash on delivery.

7.12 Right of Withdrawal from Remote Contracts pursuant to Law 2251/1994 (as amended by CMDZ1-891 / 2013) – Return of Products

Customer may refund products purchased from the online store simply by changing its mind within fourteen (14) days of receipt. The Customer may ship the products directly to the warehouse of the Company, the details of which are posted on the Website at his own expense. In any case for online orders the Customer may contact the company before returning the products through the special complaints form found on the website.In particular, Customer has the above right to return a product purchased from the online store without giving reasons, subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Within fourteen (14) calendar days of the date of conclusion of the service contract (when it comes to services) or delivery (when it comes to products) or receipt (when the Customer has selected ‘receipt from the shop’) ) and in the case of many goods ordered by the Customer with one order and delivered separately from the time of receipt and the last, the Customer is entitled to withdraw from the sale (hereinafter referred to as “Withdrawal”).
  2. This withdrawal is unjustified and the Customer must return the product exactly in the excellent condition it received it. In particular, the returned product should be unused, in excellent condition (“as new”), as just before it was sold, in its full original packaging (box, nylon, foam, etc.)  which should not be torn or damaged / damaged) and with all the contents of the original packaging (instructions for use, features and warranties, connection cables, installation software, etc.). In addition, the original purchase document (retail receipt, invoice) must be displayed by the person who originally purchased the product and whose details are imprinted on the purchase document in order to be eligible for a return.
  3. Return of the item shall be accepted only if the Client has previously paid any amount charged by the COMPANY for the shipment of the product to him and the shipping costs for his return.
  4. The withdrawal declaration is made in writing by filling out the special form on the website or by sending an email to support@dib-in.com and the COMPANY is obliged to confirm in writing the receipt of the withdrawal statement upon receipt.
  5. The Customer shall return the products within fourteen (14) calendar days of the day on which he or she notifies the withdrawal at the company’s physical store, or send it back by post as received. The COMPANY, if the Customer so wishes, may receive the product itself from the Customer’s place, for a refund, at a rate commensurate with the place and country in which the Customer is located.
  6. Following the statement of withdrawal, the COMPANY is obliged to reimburse to the Customer the price received. In the event of a Customer being debited by credit card, the COMPANY, having received the Bank’s consideration, shall be obliged to inform the Bank of the cancellation of the transaction and the Bank shall take all appropriate action. Upon receipt of this information, the COMPANY bears no responsibility for the timing and manner of execution of the reversal, which is governed by the contract drawn up between the issuing bank and the Client. For products purchased with a consumer loan it is not possible to refund due to the inability to cancel the consumer loan, the Customer is exclusively entitled to receive a credit note of equal value for the purchase of another product (s).
  7. The Customer shall be refunded the price upon the withdrawal within fourteen (14) business days from the time the COMPANY has obtained proven knowledge of its withdrawal.
  8. Delivery costs are not refundable only if the Customer has chosen a delivery method other than the cheaper standard delivery method provided by the COMPANY.
  9. The Customer shall be liable to indemnify the COMPANY if it has made use other than that necessary to ascertain the nature, characteristics and operation of the goods during the period until the declaration of withdrawal and the COMPANY is entitled to agree with the Customer compensation even with mutual netting. If the withdrawal is related to the provision of services, the Customer shall pay an amount proportionate to the amount provided to the withdrawal statement. If the Customer exercises the right of withdrawal any related contracts expire automatically, at no cost to the Customer.
  10. A product that was sold with an extra gift should be returned with the extra gift, otherwise the value of the gift will be deducted from the refund.

7.13 Exceptions to the Right of Withdrawal

The right of withdrawal under Article 4 § 10 of Law 2251/1994 shall not apply to:

7.14 Claims for Defective or Defective Property

The Withdrawal of 7.12 herein does not apply to defective or defective products or products that are covered by their respective guarantees.

7.15 Seller’s Liability for Real Defects or Lack of Agreed Properties

In the event of the COMPANY being liable for a genuine defect or lack of a contractual status of the product (the “legal guarantee”), the Customer is entitled to: a) require, without any charge, to correct or replace the product with another, unless such action is impossible or requires disproportionate expenditure, (b) request a reduction in price, or (c) withdraw from the contract of sale, except in the case of an insignificant actual defect. To be considered a contractual property, it must be agreed in writing. If the Customer chooses to correct or replace the product, the COMPANY must correct or replace it within a reasonable time.

The above statutory (AK 540) Client’s rights are expired after two years for mobile.

In any event that a Customer finds a defect, he or she may contact the online store immediately upon delivery on the same day or the next business day. If a product is declared defective by the Customer, the COMPANY expressly reserves the prior diagnosis of the product as defective by competent technicians.

7.16Limitation of Liability

The COMPANY is exempt from the above obligations if it notifies the Customer and thus he was aware of the deficiency or defect in the product. In addition, the COMPANY does not guarantee or guarantee protection of the fitness of a product sold for any particular purpose.

7.17 Supplier Liability and Guarantee

New long-life products (‘durable consumer goods’) must be accompanied by a written guarantee (‘commercial guarantee’) from the manufacturer of the product or company importing the product into the EU or the company appearing as a manufacturer (‘Supplier’).  The basic terms of the commercial guarantee are as follows:

(a) The Supplier must provide the Customer in writing, in the Greek language or with internationally established symbols, clear and complete instructions for the safe use, maintenance, maintenance and full utilization of the product and information on the risks in its use and maintenance. The guarantee must include, in a simple, legible and understandable language in Greek, at least the name and address of the guarantor, the product to which the guarantee relates, its exact content, its duration and the extent of its territorial validity. The guarantee must be in accordance with the rules of good faith and not be overruled by excessive exemption clauses. The warranty period should be reasonable in relation to the time when these products are expected to remain technologically up-to-date, if this is shorter than their possible shelf life.

(b) If a defect occurs during the warranty period and the Supplier refuses or delays the repair beyond the time necessary, the Customer shall be entitled to request replacement of the product with new own characteristics and quality or if it is not repaired to request withdrawal from the contract. If the required repair time exceeds fifteen (15) business days, Customer is entitled to request a temporary replacement of the product for the duration of the repair. Failure by the Supplier to breach its obligations shall not affect the validity of the guarantee, which the Customer may rely on and require the Supplier to comply with.

(c) In addition to the warranty, the Supplier of new durable consumer goods shall ensure that consumers continue to provide technical services for their maintenance and repair for a period equal to their possible lifetime. The products provided by the COMPANY are accompanied by written instructions for use and a written guarantee of good working life in Greek. The guarantee form shall always include the name and address of the manufacturer, the product to which the warranty relates, its exact content, its duration, its local scope, as well as the rights granted by applicable law. The Company, as long as it is a Supplier in accordance with the above, encloses in its products with a long service life, the terms of their safe use and maintenance, and with which the Customer must comply. The warranty of any durable consumer product is according to the manufacturer from the date of purchase and allows the problem to be repaired free of charge, provided that: (a) there is a guarantee of the dealership and proof of purchase of the device; (b) the fixed components of the appliance have not been altered ( Serial No.) and (c) the fault is not excluded on the basis of the manufacturer’s warranty form.

 7.18 Sending the wrong product

The Company, and its affiliates that carry out shipments and shipments of products, state that in very rare cases, the wrong product may be sent to users, which is different to the one for which the purchase was made.In order for the Company to ensure that such errors are resolved as quickly as possible, the user must communicate directly with the company through the dedicated product return platform available on the website. In this case, the Company will take all steps to correct the error, while sending an email to the user confirming the return of the wrong product and sending the correct one.The user must return the product within 14 days of the reporting date to the Company of the error that occurred while shipping the product.If the user does not return the product within 14 days of reporting the error, then the Company reserves the right to seek the return of the product by the user in any lawful manner and manner.

7.18.1 Return Faulty Failure

Failure to return the wrong product in accordance with the above and within the deadline still gives the Company the right to refuse to provide the user with the correct product in lieu of error, as well as to refuse to provide compensation or refund to the user.

7.19 Actions and omissions by the payment instrument manager

7.19.1 Failure to complete the payment process – transfer of funds from the entity – administrator of the selected payment instrument

If the user chooses his method of payment for any purchase within the site, and chooses its completion, then the Company believes that the corresponding entity – manager of the selected payment method will appropriately complete the payment in its entirety.

In rare cases, which does not include a lack of cash balance, the payment instrument manager may refuse to complete the payment – transfer of money, either in whole or in part.

In this case, the Company has no obligation whatsoever to complete the transaction with the user until the required amount of money has been fully paid.

7.19.2 Request for refund of the amount paid

In rare cases also, the payment instrument manager may, after completing the payment and transferring the respective amount of money, may request a refund.

In this case, the Company is obliged to refund any amount received from the payment instrument provider selected by the user for making the payment, subject to the following.

7.19.3 Cost of refund paid

In the case described above, and because the Company is forced into actions and expenses, to return the amount paid for the purchase of the product to the paying agent – and substantially to the user – additional costs are charged, which are calculated consistently and once in the amount of EUR 15.00.

7.20 Matching terms on online shopping and winning auction

7.20.1 Application of the terms of this Chapter to purchases through auctions

All terms describing the process of selling products through the online shopping store are directly applicable in a similar manner and in cases where a user has won an auction and proceeds to purchase the product, subject to the following:

7.20.2 Shipping Costs

The Company does not impose any shipping costs for all purchases and shipments of products won by users through auctions.

The packing, shipping and delivery of these earned products to the winning user is done at the Company’s sole expense, none of which is borne by the user.

Consequently, the product is shipped free of charge to the user, and the latter is subject only to the payment – payment of the value of the product, at the price specified in the auction.

7.20.3 Delivery Time

In case of dispatch of products won through auction, the Company undertakes to complete and deliver the product to the user within 7 days from the date of payment of the price of the product.

The Company makes every effort to comply with this commitment, but also states that for reasons other than its own, which it cannot predict or control (such as courier delivery time) , may deviate partially towards the specified delivery time. In such cases, the Company bears no responsibility for the delay, and is not liable for any compensation to the user. The user acknowledges and accepts that he has no right to the detriment of the Company, from any delay in delivery of the product, for any reason other than his right to receive the product.


  1. Auction procedure

8.1. Bet

Only registered users of the site can bet on auctions. Each time a user bets on an auction, they will be spent – Dibs removed. The Dibs that will be spent on each auction and for each bet on it can be differentiated between the auctions. The value of each stake in Dibs will be explicitly stated on the platform of each individual auction.

8.2. Auction hours

The auction does not have a specific time frame within which it will take place. The start time will be explicitly described in the details of each auction.

8.3 Auction Reminder

Users will be notified of the auction by e-mail / SMS / Viber message so they know the start time and are reminded beforehand.

8.4. Bet Relationship – Dibs

Each auction will contain details of the user being explicitly informed about the amount of Dibs they need to spend for each individual bet.

After each bet, the corresponding Dibs will be deducted from the user’s account. Dibs that have been used to make a bet can never be returned to the user.

The user cannot choose between their purchased and free Dibs when making a bet at auctions.

This policy is applied by the Company so as not to complicate the tendering process and not affect the price of the auctioned product depending on whether purchased or free Dibs are used each time.

In addition, the user cannot bet on auctions with a specific Dibs from what he owns.

The process of using Dibs and the way they are spent, as the Company implements on this site, follows an absolute time series, in the order in which each user acquired the Dibs he owned at that time from the oldest. to the younger.

8.5 Winning modes

The method of betting is one of auctions, manual dibbing.

8.5.1 Manual Betting (manual dibbing)

The Company has installed a prominent button, called ‘Dib-in’, on the website, and on the special auction platform, which will be used with a single click to place a single bet at a time.

The user who chooses this way of betting must be aware of and have read the relevant manual posted on the website and the function of the countdown clock on each bet.

8.6 Central Clock

It is the clock that appears on the website, indicating the actual time on which the website and the Company operate, and on which the auctions are conducted.

This watch is displayed in electronic – digital format and is always tuned to Greek time, which is set to EET, UTC +2, taking into account the time change during the summer period, whereby it is set to EEST, UTC +3.

8.7 Opening of auction and opening price

All auctions start at a predetermined time which will indicate the details of the auction to be held. All auction prices will be 10% of the retail sale price in euros.

8.8 Stopwatch – Countdown

In all auctions, both the hours of the auction and the clock – the countdown timer – will be displayed during the auction.

The timer countdown is not stable.

The timer countdown will go down and decrease as mentioned above each time and users will be informed through a special marking displayed on each auction platform.

In any case, and due to network delays, there may be a slight delay in connection, and a difference – delay may occur between the real time of the central unit running the website and the time displayed on the website. For this reason, the Company urges users not to wait until the last second to place their bets, as the time taken for each bet is only relevant to the actual time of the central unit running the website. When the central unit timer countdown reaches zero, the user who made the last hit wins the auction and can proceed to pay and receive the won product.

8.8.1 Restart Timer – New Countdown

Each time a user bets on an auction, then the timer of that auction will be reset and the timer will resume.

As mentioned above, restarting the timer and restarting it will only be done for an equal or previous time.

8.9 Reduction of the auction price range

Each time a user bets on a particular auction, then its price (on a scaled scale starting at 10% of the retail price in euros and up to € 0.01) will decrease.

8.10 Winner of the auction

The final user to place a bet on an auction, that is, if no further bet until the timer countdown ends, is the winner of the auction.

After being declared the winner, the user can proceed to purchase the product he won at the closing price.

8.11 Challenging the winner of the auction

The winner of the auction is determined by the Company’s logs.

If there is any dispute about the winner of the auction and the last bet made, the Company is solely responsible for settling the dispute, which will determine who is the winner. The decision of the Company is absolute, it is based on the electronic logs of each auction and is not infringed in any way.

8.12 Purchase of the auction product by the Winner

8.12.1 Alerts

When a user wins an auction, it is automatically updated by e-mail sent by the Company.

With the same message, the user is invited to bid for the purchase of the auction product, which will be accepted by the Company, as stated herein. This notice to the user through the message sent to him is in no way a binding offer to the user, nor is a contract automatically concluded between the Company and the user to purchase the product.

8.12.2 Post-auction information

The winner of the auction is immediately informed by the Company by e-mail about all the necessary details and actions for the purchase of the won product.

8.12.3 Requirements for the purchase of a product

The winning user must pay the value of the product won within the time limit set by those present.

8.12.4 Purchase Time – Conclusion of Contract

Winning a auction enables a user to purchase the auction product within 96 hours of its expiration.

If the user proceeds and purchases the product at the closing price, then they apply in a similar manner, as defined herein, to the operation of the online shopping store, and the conclusion of a sale contract between the winning user and the company.

8.13 Failure by the winning user to purchase the product

8.13.1 Incomplete Payment

If the winning user makes a payment for the product he has won, and this payment is incomplete (not completed, the value is less than the requested amount of the product), then the Company will not ship the product to the user until the payment has been completed.

8.13.2 Purchase Failure – No Payment

If the winning user does not purchase the auction product, or does not pay for the product within 96 hours of its expiry, then:

  1. the user loses his right to purchase the product he won at the closing price of the auction
  2. the product is sold to the next winner

8.14 International auctions

The company conducts auctions that are addressed to various countries around the world.

At present, the company provides its services and conducts auctions in the countries

  1. Austria
  2. Belgium
  3. Bulgaria
  4. Croatia
  5. Cyprus
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Denmark
  8. Estonia
  9. Finland
  10. France
  11. Germany
  12. Greece
  13. Hungary
  14. Ireland
  15. Italy
  16. Latvia
  17. Lithuania
  18. Luxembourg
  19. Malta
  20. Netherlands
  21. Poland
  22. Portugal
  23. Romania
  24. Slovakia
  25. Slovenia
  26. Spain
  27. Sweden


  1. Dibs

9.1. Buy Dibs

Dibs can be purchased on the website and sold in packages. Packages are divided into 4 categories:

– 210dibs to 10 euros

– 570dibs to 25 euros

– 1250dibs to 50 euros

– 2780dibs to 100 euros


9.2. Payment process

Dibs packages can be purchased from the website, and payment must be made by one of the following methods, online again through the website.

Specifically, the payment methods are:

o Credit / debit card payment (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)

o Paypal

The purchase and payment of packages requires the registration of the user on the website and for the completion of the purchase, the user is required to confirm the purchase by completing the online payment form.


9.3 Dibs Package Purchase Contract

Between the Company and the user, a Dibs package deal is concluded, provided that the following are cumulatively:

  1. the user selects the particular Dibs package he / she wishes to purchase,
  2. the user agrees to pay for the purchase of the package he / she chooses with one of the payment methods mentioned herein and on the website; and
  3. the user confirms his choice to purchase the package.

Provided the above and after:

  1. create a purchase agreement between the user and the Company regarding the sale of the selected Dibs package
  2. the contract expires after the selected package has been repaid and the user’s account is credited with the purchased Dibs corresponding to the purchased package


The purchase of Dibs does not entitle the user to participate in the auctions automatically.

Cancellation of the Dibs package can only be done in accordance with the law and if the Dibs have not been used by the user in any way.

9.4 Free Dibs – Value of Free Dibs

The value of the free Dibs acquired by the user in any way is € 0.00.


9.5 Offers – Discount Coupons

The Company reserves the right to promote offers regarding the purchase of Dibs and the packages sold.

These offers are in the form of a discount coupon and can be submitted during the Dibs package payment process. Offers and discount coupons are of a certain duration and must be used within their validity period. If the coupons are used outside their validity period, they will be considered invalid and inactive and will not be used when purchasing Dibs packages. Each discount coupon is unique and should bear its unique number when purchasing Dibs packages. Only one discount coupon per purchase and per user can be used.

9.6 Purchased Dibs – Value of Purchased Dibs

The value of each purchased Dibs depends on the total value of the package purchased or to be purchased. For example, the value of one Dib in the first available package is around 0.048 euros.

If Dibs was purchased using a discount coupon, or won in an auction, then the price of each Dib is adjusted accordingly, dividing the total payable value of the package by the total number of Dibs purchased.

Purchased Dibs, however, can in no case be converted into money, whatever their value and in any way whatsoever.

  1. Suspension of an account

10.1. Causes of Account Suspension

A user’s account will be suspended if:

  1. is found to be in breach of any of these terms and conditions,
  2. is found to be in an employee, work or generally direct relationship with the Company
  3. is found to have become familiar with the Company to such an extent as to violate the Company’s obligation to provide equal opportunities to all users of the Website

In addition, the Company may suspend a user’s account provided that:

  1. found to have participated in collusion as defined herein
  2. believes that the user, in any way, attempts to harm the Company and the Website


10.2. Account Suspension Results

The user whose account has been suspended: a. loses and is automatically deducted, all Dibs he has at that time in his account

  1. his information is provided to the Company, which will investigate the possibility of fraud against the Company, or any other criminal act, and will take all legal actions
  2. does not have the right to re-register by creating a new account on the site
  3. is not entitled to make any use of the Website and the services provided by it and the Company
  4. Buyer protection procedure

11.1 Concept and instances of buyer protection procedure

The Company exercises control and supervision over all auctions conducted on the Website.

The Company reserves the right to initiate the buyer protection process for the benefit of any user.

Buyer protection essentially freezes the user’s account until the Company considers the user to be trustworthy.

This right is exercised by the Company in the following indicative and not restrictive cases:

  1. if a new user, immediately after registering, buys great Dibs packages and wins a series of auctions
  2. if a user has used three or more different payment methods or even different credit cards to make purchases on the site within 28 days
  3. if a user has made a series of transactions with the site, and the Company has doubts about identifying the user

According to the Company’s knowledge, experience and perceptions, the above indicative cases may indicate and conceal fraudulent card transactions, as well as the criminal offense of fraud, etc.

11.2 The spirit and purpose of the Company’s right to cancel the purchase contract

The above right of the Company is intended to ensure that the winners of auctions related to high value products are particularly real users, real winners of the auction and are in fact those who appear to be based on their user account. This Company right is also exercised to ensure that the user who has won a high value product has participated in the auction and won it fairly and without fraudulent means and conduct.

11.3 Explanation of the Buyer Protection Process – Completion of the Process

If the Company activates the buyer protection procedure in favor of a user, then the user is immediately notified of the activation of the service, the freezing of his account, and is informed of all actions to be taken to complete the service. process and restore his account.

The Company is obliged within 48 hours of activating the buyer protection process to complete and release the account of the user in favor of whom the process was initiated, provided the user follows the procedure indicated by the Company to complete it.

The buyer protection procedure followed by the Company consists of:

  1. activation of the process by the Company,
  2. alerting the user in favor of the process,
  3. sending a request to the user for the issuance and sending to the Company of a document proving his / her identity,
  4. sending by the user the proof of identity to the Company,
  5. Acceptance of this evidence by the Company,
  6. once the proof is accepted by the Company, completing the buyer protection process; and
  7. unlocking the user’s account. 11.4 Cases of Completion of Buyer Protection Process – Company Actions

11.4.1 Retention of Products Purchased

The Company reserves the right to temporarily freeze and freeze any purchase made by the online shopping store, or purchase made after winning the auction, provided the buyer protection process is activated, and provided the user refuses or does not send even the identification documents requested by the Company.

This right of the Company may be applied for a period of up to 30 days.

Upon completion of the buyer protection process and the release of the user account in respect of which the proceeding was initiated, the Company shall release all products that it had retained pursuant to this paragraph immediately.

 11.4.2 Cancellation of Purchase Contract

The Company reserves the right to cancel any contract entered into between it and a user, once the buyer protection process has been activated, and the user in favor of whom it has been activated refuses to send any requested identification documents or documents send no identification.

In this context, the user acknowledges that the Company reserves the right to cancel any purchase contract it has made, provided that:

  1. the Company has activated the buyer protection procedure and the user account has been frozen,
  2. the Company has requested the user to send identification documents and
  3. the user has refused to send the documents or has not sent them within 30 days of the Company’s notification.

In this case, the purchase contract is canceled, and the product purchased or acquired and purchased remains the property of the Company.

  1. Attacks on the site

12.1. Frequency of attacks against the site

In rare cases, the website may be attacked, and as a result, betting will not be possible to process.

During such attacks, the countdown timer can reach zero and therefore send a warning to the user who made the last bet that he has won the auction. In this case, however, the Company is obliged to restart the auction, however “unfair” it is to the user who won the auction, as a result of the attacks against the website.

12.2. Results of an attack on the site

In the event of an attack on the site, and a notice is sent to the user that it has won the auction in error, the Company is obliged to immediately inform the user of the incident of the attack that the site has received, and to explain to him why he refuses to win. at the auction and its corresponding bid to purchase the won product.

If the user has already paid the value of the auction product, then the Company will return to the user the full amount paid.

12.3. Liability Disclaimer

The Company cannot guarantee to users the continuous and uninterrupted use of the Website and the participation in the services it provides.

Web site attacks, different internet browsers, internet connectivity, geographic locations, power outages, network outages and more are factors that are not part of the Company’s control and influence sphere.

The Company makes every effort to comply with its obligations and to make the Website available to the public and users to the extent possible.

In any case the website is attacked, the timers of the auctions that are running will be frozen until the issue is resolved.

12.4. Attack investigation against the site

In any event that the Company realizes and discovers attack elements against the Website, which are associated with patterns of actions that take place within the Website and are associated with such attacks, then the Company, in cooperation with the competent authorities, will initiate any lawful proceedings against burden of responsibility for all actions taken against the Company, the Website and its users. These actions of the Company are done in order for the Company to achieve smooth operation of the website and to provide fair and equal opportunities to all users of the site.


Any user who considers that he / she has a claim / complaint / legal matter against the Company should send a written message to it at info@dib-in.com or through the dedicated web site form, fully submitting and substantiating its views.

The jurisdiction of any dispute with the company is hereby determined to be the Courts of Serres.


14.1. Interpretation of the term Company, in this chapter

In this chapter, the Company means, in addition to the definition given at the beginning of these terms and conditions, all executives, direct associates and business partners.


14.2 Warranties for the operation of the Website

The Company does not warrant that the Website and its contents will always be accessible, accessible and without interruption to users.

The Company reserves the right, temporarily suspends / suspends, or restricts access to or access to all or portions of the Website, for business purposes and within the scope of the Company’s Articles of Association, as well as its commercial activity in general.

In such cases, the Company will promptly and timely inform users.

14.3 Disclaimer of Service

The Company bears no responsibility whatsoever with respect to users, both from the use of the Website and the use of its services for:

  1. loss of profits and income
  2. loss of lost profits, business opportunities and sales
  3. loss of agreements and contracts
  4. loss or damage to reputation, marketability and customer service
  5. loss or damage to software or components, information and data
  6. any other direct or indirect damage or loss

14.4 Disclaimer of compliance with these terms and conditions

The Company is not liable to the users of the Website and third parties, for the purposes of complying with these terms and conditions, and for delaying or failing to comply with its obligations, provided that these are due to factors to which the Company has no or significant influence.


15.1 Information, restrictions on personal and commercial use of the Site Content

All content of the Website, of any form, is the intellectual property of the Company and is its sole proprietorship, with the exception of any third party content, as referred to and identified herein, and from which the Company is legally licensed. to use, edit and exploit their content.

Both copyrighted content and third party content are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law and the European Union copyright law.

Users of the site have the right to read (see) the content of the site. And this right granted by the company is limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable.

Therefore, users are permitted to use the content of the Website and the intellectual property of the Company only for their own personal use, prohibited for commercial use.

That is to say, users are not allowed to sell, transmit, copy, reproduce (even with reverse technical design), the website or its content. Users are also prohibited from using the Website in any way for public or commercial use.

It is prohibited to print, reproduce or reproduce, documents, charts, images or other information on the Site, in whole or in part, for any use, unless a request has been made to the Company and the latter has provided a written affirmative response.

In addition, the User is prohibited from providing, transmitting and in any way disclosing to the Company any data, documents, images and other data that are the intellectual property and ownership of another person without its written consent. In this context, the user assumes full responsibility for the content and data provided to the Company, as well as for any damage that may be caused by the unlawful use of intellectual property and the violation of personal data.

15.2 Company Special Characteristics (Trademark)

The Company owns, its name, website address, its logo and their respective logos.

The use of the Company’s name and all logos and graphics displayed on this site may not be used under any circumstances without the prior written consent of the Company.

All other names, logos, product and company names do not belong to the Company but to their rightful owners.


15.3 Ideas and suggestions

All comments, opinions, reviews, suggestions, ideas and any other submissions made to the Company by users, which are submitted, delivered, disclosed or offered to the Company, are now the intellectual property of the Company.

The Company does not acknowledge or be held responsible for any claims by users that the Company has taken advantage of its own idea, which it has put forward to the Company.

If the user forwards any idea or proposal to the Company, he expressly acknowledges that the Company reserves the right to use its proposal freely and in any way, without the user’s knowledge or permission, and without any limitation.


The Company may, through its website, provide links to users that lead to other websites other than the Company.

The Company has no control over such external websites, and their appearance on the Site is in no way prompting the user to visit and make use of such websites, nor does it indicate any relationship between the Company and the respective owners. of these external websites. The Company makes no warranty whatsoever about such external websites and their content, and accepts no responsibility whatsoever for their visit by users.

At the same time, the Company encourages the users of the website, although if they wish to visit and make use of the external websites, carefully read the respective terms and conditions of each external website. 17. SECURITY

17.1 Obligation of user to restrict access

All users who use the Website are solely responsible for their own account, for their own exclusive use, and for restricting third-party access to them. They should therefore restrict third-party access to their computer, and have all the necessary computer protection programs installed to ensure their exclusive use of their account.

In addition, the user is solely responsible for maintaining and concealing his / her personal information (username, password, etc.).

Finally, the User accepts the full responsibility as described above and assumes the sole responsibility for all actions displayed by his account and under his / her user ID.

17.2 Obligation of a user to keep their password secure and to log out of their account

The User agrees to these terms and conditions:

  1. notify the Company promptly and in writing, in any event that it finds a violation of its account and its use by a third party and not by itself, as well as any other breach of the security system as set forth herein
  2. ensure that every time he leaves the site, he will sign out of his account.

The Company bears no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage to the User, provided the latter fails to comply with its obligations arising from this paragraph.

17.3 Control and supervision

The Company reserves the right to exercise control and supervision over the movement of the network and the web site so that it can identify any incidents, attempting to use another person’s account, attempting to interfere with the accounts and the site and attempting to damage the site and the Company in any way – and prevent them.

Anyone who visits and uses the Website accepts this Company right.

The Company also reserves the right to conduct a full investigation with, or with the permission of, the Competent Authorities to disclose information, information and identity, any attempt to damage the Website and the Company in any way, as well as to breach referring to these terms and conditions.


All users of the Website agree and agree to protect, indemnify and not assign liability to the Company and to all natural and legal persons affiliated with it for any loss or damage or claim of third parties, related to:

  1. use of the website and user accounts
  2. any given data sent or taken over by users
  3. violation of these terms and conditions by users
  4. infringement of the rights of third parties by users.

This Agreement remains in effect even after the expiration of these terms and conditions and in any case disconnection of the user with the Website and the Company.



In rare cases, the Company may not strictly and literally interpret these terms and conditions and may consequently exercise partially or not at all.

In such cases, it is not inferred that the Company has waived its rights, which remain strong and pursued in each case.



20.1 Notifications – User Messages to the Company

Any reports and comments regarding the Website should be addressed to the Company through the email address of the respective user.

20.2 Notifications – Company Messages to User – Receipt

Notifications to users will be sent to the email addresses they have registered with when they sign up.

These alerts are deemed to have been received by the recipient upon sending the message.

  1. Privacy Policy

21.1 Personal Data

  1. In connection with the use of the Service or the participation of users in the Affiliate Program, the Company will collect from users the following personal data, voluntary and consensual:
  1. The provision of personal data is necessary to obtain the status of user of the auctions and the E-Shop or the participant of the program affiliates. If someone refuses to provide their personal information, they will not be able to receive the winning Auction product or purchased from E-Shop or participate in the Affiliate Program.
  2. Dib In will not make decisions that impact users solely on the basis of automated processing of their personal data, including profile identification.

 21.2 Personal Data Security

No method of transmission over the Internet or method of online storage is 100% secure. Therefore, the company cannot guarantee absolute security. If users have any questions about site security, they can contact the company at info@dib-in.com

21.2 Purpose of processing personal data

The company processes personal data for the following purposes:

21.3 Legal basis for the processing of personal data

The company recognizes that privacy is important to users.

This privacy policy explains how the company collects, uses and discloses personal data while keeping user data secure and private which is part of the company’s philosophy of providing high standards of service.

In this privacy policy, the Company is responsible for the processing of users’ personal data and the Company is subject to EU Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”) and all applicable local data protection laws.

21.4 Transfer and Disclosure of Personal Data

  1. The controller may release personal data to authorized parties when required by law.
  2. The controller may release personal data (as defined by the Terms and Conditions of the Service) to other third parties, to the extent necessary for the purposes set forth in this article. 3 above.
  3. Personal data may also be accessed by parties with whom the company has a contract to process it: accounting offices, law firms, IT companies and marketing agencies.

21.5 Personal Data Retention Period

The company will only retain users’ personal data only when necessary and for the purposes for which they are processed.


21.6 Rights of Users and Affiliates

  1. Users have the right to access their personal information at any time. They may ask the company to correct, remove or limit the extent to which it is processed.
  2. They also have the right to object to the processing of their personal data as well as to transmit their data to another controller.
  3. If they exercise their right to object, the company will cease to process their data for specified purposes unless it can prove compelling legitimate processing reasons that override the interests, rights and freedoms of users or unless their data is necessary for the creation, exercise or defense of legal claims.

21.7 Right of cancellation

  1. Users have the right to withdraw their consent to the processing of their personal data at any time. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of consent-based treatment prior to its withdrawal.
  2. If they exercise their right to withdraw their consent, the controller will be able to continue processing their personal data only if there is another legitimate basis.

22 Cookies

Cookies are unique identifiers, usually consisting of small pieces of text or code. Cookies are usually stored on the user’s device or browser and send some information to the cookie provider. In fact we are referring to a wider range of technologies and not just cookies, including web beacons, clear gifs, pixels and other similar technologies. When it comes to first-party cookies, we mean the cookies served by Dib-In. When it comes to third party cookies we mean cookies served by non-parties to Dib-In.

The company website uses mainly the following types of cookies:

  1. Functional Necessary Cookies

These Cookies are required for the operation of the Website. They make it possible for users to browse and use the company’s website. If someone disables these cookies, the website will not function properly.

  1. Functional Performance Cookies

These cookies collect information about how visitors use the website and monitor the performance of the site. For example, performance cookies inform what pages are popular, monitor traffic to the company website and collect anonymous analytical information. Suppliers may collect this information on behalf of Dib-In in order to be able to analyze the data of their services. Performance cookies can also be used to identify and troubleshoot site functionality.

  1. Functionality Cookies

These cookies are used to identify and maintain users’ preferences.

How do I opt out of cookies?

Users can be excluded from the placement of certain Cookies by adjusting their browser settings or by the provider who operates and controls the Cookies. Users are requested to check their browser setup information.


These terms and conditions apply as a whole and independently. Should any of the above terms be deemed or invalidated, the other terms shall remain valid, without the existence of which the Company would wish to apply the present terms as such.


The headings set out in the chapters, paragraphs, and sub-paragraphs of these Terms and Conditions are purely for clarification purposes and to facilitate users and visitors of the Website to fully understand these Terms and Conditions.

These titles have no legal or contractual validity or binding effect.