How it works — Dibin Online Auction Platform

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Stop bidding and start Dibing!

Follow the steps and be a Diber in less than 3’!

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Sign Up

Use the Sign Up page to enter your information and register for our website. Use your real information because we will use it to contact you when you win an item. Your mobile phone will ONLY be used to sms/viber you about auctions you have already bought ticket for.


Get Dibs

Go to the Pricing page to buy one of the 4 dib packages available. The bigger the package the more dibs per Euro you get. Dibs are your in-game coins and you use them both to buy a ticket and to play in the auctions.


Buy Ticket

Find an auction you like and purchase a ticket for it. Once you buy the ticket you will be notified through e-mail and sms/viber (if you have registered your mobile phone), for the ticket purchase and when the auction is about to start, so you won’t miss it. (All messages are free of charge)



When the auction starts you have 30 attempts to dib-in. The price starts at 10% of the item’s market value and each time a player dibs-in, the price DROPS and the timer is reset. If the timer reaches 0 without a player dibbing-in, the player who was the last to dib wins the item at the current price. Make noted that when the auction ends you get back a portion of the dibs you spent depending on how many attempts you used (the more you spend the more you get back as a refund).