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About Us

We all know about auctions as they are today. The item starts at a relatively low price and goes up as interested parties click. In the end, it should be purchased at the highest price (larger bidder). Of course, this means that the winner will always be the one with the most money, and it is also a boring process that takes time.

Why not everyone have the same chances of being on a budget and why not be able to win something that is already very expensive up to 0.01 € and why the process can’t be fun?

This is the key idea behind the creation of DIB-IN. By registering for a ticket worth perhaps less than 1/1000 of the object’s commercial value and utilizing its strategic abilities, anyone can win huge value gifts such as mobiles, travel, computers, luxury jewelry and more. So forget about what you knew about auctions and “Stop bidding and start dibing!”