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A. It is very simple. Once you have the dibs all you need to do is find the auction that you are interested in. Then you buy a ticket for that auction (requires dibs). When you buy the ticket you will be notified through sms or e-mail for the registration. Once the tickets required to start an auction are gathered you will be notified again for the starting day (usually the same day). Once the auction starts you see a timer running backwards to zero, whenever someone dibs-in for that item the price DROPS a bit and the timer resets. All items start at 10% of their average retail price and DROP until it reaches 0,01€ which is the minimum legal price for a purchase. If no-one dibs-in and the timer reaches zero then the last diber (player) wins the item at the price seen. Dibbing requires dibs and all players have equal amount of attempts available (usually 30). Once these run out then you can’t compete anymore, so use them wisely. Make noted that the more you play, meaning the more dibs you spend, the more you get as a refund when the auction ends, to a maximum of 15/30 refunded. This means that if you spend all 30 attempts of yours, you will be refunded the dibs that match the 15 attempts.

A. If no one dibs when the auction starts then the timer resets and starts over and over again until one diber is found. This procedure is endless until one diber exists.

A. All products are brand new in their original packaging and include the manufacturer’s warranty.

A. We sell and ship all across the European Union. Countries of the European Union are (now): 1.Austria 2.Belgium 3.Bulgaria 4.Croatia 5.Cyprus 6.Czechia 7.Denmark 8.Estonia 9.Finland 10.France 11.Germany 12.Greece 13.Hungary 14.Ireland 15.Italy 16.Latvia 17.Lithuania 18.Luxembourg 19.Malta 20.Netherlands 21.Poland 22.Portugal 23.Romania 24.Slovakia 25.Slovenia 26.Spain 27.Sweden 28.United Kingdom

A. No. The customer pays absolutely nothing except the price at which the auction ended. If any shipping fees apply, then this will be stated at the auction clearly so the customer knows it beforehand.

A. Once you win an item we contact you automatically through e-mail and by phone on the next business day, so make sure you have given us the right info. We then give you a bank account or PayPal so you can transfer the auction’s price in Euros. Once the payment is confirmed we ship you the item. For Greece there is also the possibility to pay on delivery.

A. We use DHL to ship across the EU and ACS Courier for Greece. All items travel fully insured so be sure to check for any defects on delivery.

A. Shipping times are different for various products. Due to the different nature of various products shipping times may vary widely. However they are usually 2-5 days for Greece and 5-15 days for Europe. This may not be real for all products especially those that are sold on demand (meaning the user chooses specific attributes, e.g. color) and require special order. Our company makes sure to reduce the waiting time of customers to the minimum possible, and as soon as we ship we give you a tracking number so you know where exactly your package is.

A. If the winner is not able to be contacted or does not want to pay the item, then the player who dibbed before him gets the prize and we contact him. The time that we wait for the first winner is 4 days or 96 hours from the start of the auction. Only days Monday to Friday count. Weekends do not. If even the second player is not able to be found then we move on to the third and so on until we find a winner who wants the prize.

A. If you have a defective item then you usually can visit an authorized service center of that company in your country to have it fixed without cost. However not all companies support inter-European service. If that is the case then we send a courier to your place and we pick up the item to deliver it to an authorized service center AT NO COST. You do not pay for pick-up AND delivery of your service item. We make continuous efforts to widen our partner network to provide you with a unique user experience even after sales.

A. No, dibs are not refundable and you cannot take your money back.

A. You can buy tickets and play in as many auctions as you like.

A. You can withdraw a ticket from an auction if the auction has not completed the tickets required to start. If the auction completes the tickets required then they are not withdraw able.

A. Your phone number is required to make sure we keep contact with you in case you win, and to make sure every account is unique and reduce the amount of multiple accounts. Our goal is to keep the game even for all players so that they use only strategy and instinct to win.